Kimberly Ensign is a 20 year veteran Licensed Master Nail Technician in the State of
Illinois. In 1990 her career began at the "The Mane Event", in Streator, IL. She
continued to service those clients until 2010, commuting from Bloomington since 1994.
In 2005, Kimberly established Acrylic Enhancements and More in Bloomington, IL to
meet the demands of local clients. The following year she became a member of the Place
award by the Times- Press for the place for "Best Nails and Manicure" in town by
Readers Choice. She was recognized in 2000 by a Nationally recognized trade magazine
with the "Salon of the Year" award with several other amazing nail technicians. In the
spring of 2015, Kimberly was honored with the invitation to work backstage during New
York Fashion Week with Morgan Taylor Professional Lacquer performing manicures on
models backstage for Fashion Designers. She was also invited back for the Fall 2015
Show and the Spring 2016 Show. She has worked on the sets for Betsey Johnson, Tanya
Taylor, Zero + Maria Cornejo,  Monique Lullihier, Creatures of the Wind, Suno, Angel
Sanchez, Sally LaPointe, Ulla Johnson, as well as many more. In 2016, Kimberly was
also honored to be part of the National Association of Professional Women.

While developing her clientele, Kim finished her Bachelor's Degree in Biology and
Chemistry from Illinois State University in 2002. Among her accomplishments, include
a publication that resulted in a million dollar grant for ISU (a paper she co-wrote with
Kathleen Findley, on the effects of salt water on
Fundulus (a species of fish, page 99).

In March of 2004, Kim became an Educator for American International Industries,
specifically, "
EZ Flow Acrylic Nail Systems", and has traveled extensively with them
across the Midwest and has been trained by other global award winning nail educators.  
Besides working at Trade Shows, a major part of her career is to help new students
currently in school see their potential in the nail industry, as well as mentor other nail
technicians. In the summer of 2005 she also became an Educator for several other
brands of
American International Industries (AII), including "IBD Gel", "SECHE Vite"
top coat, and "China Glaze" nail polish, GiGi, Clean and Easy Wax Systems and Ardell
Eyelashes and Educated for them until the Fall of 2011.

In the fall of 2011, she was awarded a "Salon Visit" with Global OPI Educator Joseph
Pham through Nail Talk Radio. He worked with her on acrylic techniques. In August,
Kimberly received her PHD Doctorate from  Hand & Nail Harmony as an Educator for
Gelish. At that time she accepted a position as an Educator with Danny Haile, and Nail
Alliance again and currently holds that position. She travels Domestically and
Internationally as a Sales Representative, Educator, and Celebrity Manicurist with them.
During the Recertification Training in 2014, in Brea, California, Kimberly was awarded
with the recognition for getting the highest score on her Acrylic Nail Art Test. It was a
huge honor for the recognition with so many talented educators beside her.

Kimberly currently uses a wide range of brands, but has also been educated in NSI,
Tammy Taylor Acrylics, Creative Nail Design(CND) and OPI, Light Elegance, Gel
Essentialz,  Artistic, Morgan Taylor and Gelish.  She is listed locally as a Master Nail
Technician and Gelish Educator.     copyright © 2004-2016, website by Kimberly Ensign   (309)824-7354
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