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"discount"nail salons to cut down on costs. The FDA has deemed
warnings of illegal MMA use:

1: Tingling or numbness of the fingers
2: Damaged nail beds, rings of fire
3: Irritated skin around the nail bed
4: A markedly different smell than regular acrylics
5: Difficulty removing acrylic nails
6: Employees at the salon tend to wear masks to avoid poisonous
chemicals MMA gives out.
Online Resources about MMA:
The following image is very graphic and may be found to be disturbing.
Please scroll down to view a nail damaged by Methy Methacryalate

On a personal note, the biggest problem that occurs with MMA is that if the nail is damaged
like the following picture, there is no solvent on the market available to remove the
MMA Damage to nail bed
Credo Blade

This is a razor blade used in discount salons to remove calluses. It is illegal due to the fact that it is very easy
to cut a client, and isnt disinfected properly.

Another problem with discount salons, they often give you the feeling that sanitary procedures are being
taken when implements are put in the following machine:

coming soon
Credo Callus remover