Questions and Answers:
Forever French/Pink & White Acrylics
This is  an acrylic product that requires no colored polish. White Acrylic is used to form the white tip and
a Pink Acrylic is used to fill in the nail bed. The look is very classy, and requires a shiny topcoat or buff.
This look can be worn with anything. There is no worry for polish to dry, or smudge. Ask Kim to see a
sample or for a free demonstration on one nail.
Allow 1 hour.
What is a Fill-in/Rebalance?
Rebalancing is a method of maintaining the beauty and toughness of the
Proper rebalancing of the nail enhancement protects the health of the natural nail and maintains the
longevity of the service. As the nail grows, the balance goes and a regular 2 to 3 week
maintenance will re-establish proper balance and beauty of the enhancement.
Allow 45 minutes.
A Back-fill is the term used to Re-whiten Forever French Acrylics or Gels. This service is needed
approximately every 4-6 weeks. A shear pink polish can extend the wear of Pink and Whites.
Allow 1 hour.
An Overlay of Acrylic/Gel can be used when an individual desires to strengthen their nails, but desire no
added length. Perfect for the individual who desires chip-proof nails.
Allow 45 minutes.
Q. What is a Spa Manicure?
A. This exclusive system is a "facial quality" service enriched with vitamins and therapeutic
ingredients normally found in skin care treatments and now available for hands & arms.

◘ Ceramides, Vitamin E, C, and A, Pathenol and Aloe Vera are some of the key ingredients that      make
the SpaManicure Special. The service involves 3 massages, gentle exfoliation, tremendous hydration, and
moisturizing of the entire hand and arm.
Allow 45 minutes.

◘ This can also be added on to the end of an enhancement service. Allow 15 minutes.

Q. On my natural nails, my polish is always chipping, what can I do?
A. Chipping polish is the cause of using the wrong base coat or none at all,  Stickey is  a
soft sticky base coat designed to anchor nail enamel to natural nails and enhancements.
◘ Then a strengthener such as Nail Tech should be applied, followed by your choice of polish (2 coats) and
Seche Vite (a fast dry shiny topcoat). For 3 days after your manicure, either a strengthener or
Seche Vite should be applied.

Q. How do I prevent my nails from yellowing?
A. Nails yellow due to smoke from cigarettes, polish, and ultra violet light (sun/tanning beds). By using
Stickey as base coat and soaking nails in a denture cleaner with hot water for 10 minutes, nails can be
returned to their natural color
Pink and White Sculpted Nail, NO TIPS!!!